When a young person joins the Troop, (regardless of whether he or she was a Cub Scout), to gain this Award, they will be required to:


•know about the Troop

•get to know other members and leaders in the Patrol and Troop

•find out about the ceremonies and traditions in the Troop

•find out about the activities that the Patrol and Troop does

•know and understand the Scout Promise and Law and the Code of Conduct 

•know and understand the Scout Motto & sign

•know and understand the salute and handshake

•show a general knowledge of the history and family of Scouts and Scouting around the world

•know what to do at Investiture


Once a young person has completed these requirements, purchased their uniform and when they feel ready to make their Promise, they can be invested.


There is no fixed timescale for this process, Sea Scouts will be invested when they feel ready.