Footwear to be worn at all times on the water which can be wet shoes or old trainers. No slip-on footwear, crocks or boots.

Wind proof tops which can range from a simple water proof top to a boating cag.

Wet suit or layers of light weight clothing. No jeans or fleece jackets as these will absorb water when wet and become very heavy.

A warm hat in case of an emergency 

Coats (separate to wind proof top that will get wet) to be warn to the Boatbase as we spend the whole evening outdoors. 

A named bag large enough to pack uniforms, caps, coats etc when on the water 


Please ensure all of the above is brought along to each boating session. Those without essential items may not be able to go on the water.


You can purchase any of the above from online kayaking shops or it is worth a look on eBay as there is always a large section of clothing & equipment.

Unfortunately there is nothing local. Suggested sites as follows,


Lomo Water Sports (it’s worth registering to receive their newsletter advertising deals)  

Bournemouth Canoes

Sue’s Canoes